Common Misconceptions About Whole House Water Filtration

whole house water filtration

A whole house water filtration system removes various contaminants from your water. Contaminants that may be polluting your water include microorganisms, arsenic, nitrate, and mercury. Ingesting these contaminants can negatively affect your health, especially if consumed regularly. Here are some common misconceptions about water filtration systems:

Tap Water Is Always Clean

Some people may assume that tap water is already clean or that it doesn’t contain contaminants if it doesn’t smell or taste bad. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, there may be more than 60,000 chemicals in municipal water in the United States. There are also other contaminants in tap water that you may be unable to detect through smell, taste, or sight. These contaminants may include bacteria, lead, copper, and aluminum. These pollutants can harm your health, especially if you drink the contaminated water for a long time. A water filtration system reduces or eliminates these contaminants so you can enjoy clean, pure water.

Drink Bottled Water Than Filtered Tap Water

Experts say bottled water is likely not safer or cleaner than water from your faucet. Because of the porous plastic, you may be ingesting harmful bacteria when you drink from bottled water. There are other disadvantages to mainly drinking bottled water, as it is likely more expensive than a water filtration system. In the long run you will continually need to purchase more bottles instead of filtering your tap water. It is also not sustainable, as it contributes to excessive plastic waste.

Well Water Doesn’t Need To Be Filtered

Well water can contain contaminants such as bacteria, lead, mercury, and radon. These contaminants may be a result of the environment in which the well was dug, groundwater movement, or surface water run-off. Drinking contaminated water from a well could lead to serious illness, such as Giardia. Well water may also contain heavy metals, which can cause chronic toxicity, organ damage, anemia, and cancer when consumed at high levels. If you drink from a well, the best practice would be to get it tested regularly. We provide free water tests so you can know if your well water is safe.

Water Filters and Water Softeners Do the Same Thing

Water softeners and water filters have different jobs. Water softeners were designed mainly to combat hard water by removing minerals such as magnesium and calcium from the water supply. Filtration systems remove chemicals and contaminants from your water. To achieve the best quality of water, you may want to get a water filtration system and a water softener. Installing both produces the purest, cleanest water for your needs.

Purchase a Whole House Water Filtration System To Enjoy Cleaner Water

Whole house water filtration systems can provide cleaner, safer water throughout your home. These systems remove contaminants such as microorganisms and nitrate from all water sources. Palm Beach Water Purification can install a water filtration system in your home at an affordable price. Contact us today to get a free water test and review our other filtration systems for your home.