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Remove Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese From Your Water With The Iron Zapper® Systems

Well water often contains Iron, which may stain plumbing fixtures, bath tubs, shower walls and doors. Iron can also stain sidewalks, driveways and add a metallic taste to your water. Hydrogen Sulfide may also be present, resulting in “rotten egg” or Sulfur odors. Manganese may also be a problem, leaving black spots on plumbing fixtures. Iron Zapper systems from Palm Beach Water Purification remove Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese without using chemicals in most installations.

Palm beach Water Purification Iron Zapper

Palm Beach Water Purification Iron, Sulfur and Manganese filters utilize oxygen, contained in your water, to oxidize Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese, so they drop out of solution to form particles.  Periodically, the filter initiates a backwash cycle so the oxidized particles are flushed from the system.  Also, our control valve is designed to create an air pocket in the filter tank for additional oxidation and improved performance.

Palm Beach Water Purification Iron & Sulfur systems do not need chemicals for oxidation.  However, if your water contains bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.


Iron, one of the challenging “troublesome-trio”, in its various states is one of the most easily recognized and treatable water quality problems.

Iron Stains
Damage To Expensive Equipment
Dingy Clothing And Linens
Unpleasant Taste and Smell In Water


Ferric hydroxide or Ferric iron is visible in water and gives it a rust color because of oxidation. Unpleasant rusty color may be visible with particles of Iron as small as 50 microns.


Ferrous bicarbonate is clear water iron meaning that it starts “clear” but becomes rusty when exposed to air (or other oxidizers). Staining and unpleasant taste may be noticeable in as little as 0.2 ppm of Iron.


While it’s not considered a health threat; it can cause severe staining and damage fixtures and water treatment equipment. Most often found to be an esthetic nuisance with taste and odor issues.
*Note May require disinfection equipment

How The Iron Zapper System Works

The Iron Zapper uses a natural catalyst media that creates an accelerated oxidation reaction and filtration layer to remove iron. A higher level of performance is achieved through our regeneration process that adds an oxygen rich air pocket for the raw water to pass through.
The result is highly oxidized iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese particles that are now large enough to be filtered and removed from the system during the cleaning or backwash cycles.

Our extremely powerful catalyst media provides a greater amount of oxidation potential due to its unique cluster structure giving it more active ingredients.


The benefit are just amazing. Once installed and just as promise the benefit are immediate. All your sulfur and iron problem will be eliminated and you will finally start enjoying water from your tap.

No More Sulfur Odor

Get rid of that unbearable rotten egg smell form you water once and for all and start taking longer and more refreshing bath.

Three Benefit In One

One filter that will remove iron, sulfur, and Manganese.

Chemical Free!

Palm Beach Water Purification Iron & Sulfur systems use a chemical-free approach for Iron, Sulfur and Manganese removal when bacteria is not present, and when your well pump can produce sufficient flow for proper backwash to clean the filter media.

Without Filter
With Filter