4 Maintenance Tips for Whole House Water Filtration

Investing in a whole house water filtration system allows your household to enjoy clean and safe water, reducing health risks. Water filtration systems remove contaminants like chlorine, minerals, and sediment that compromise water quality. At Palm Beach Water Purification, we offer a wide range of water treatment solutions, including installing filtration systems and providing regular maintenance to increase longevity. Here are four tips to help you care for your water filtration systems:

1. Cleaning Regularly

A cleaning routine for your water filtration systems helps eliminate any material build-up, dirt, or contaminants in the filter. This enhances the system’s optimal performance and lifespan. Before starting the cleaning process, turn off the water supply to prevent water from flowing through the system. Carefully disassemble components according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to enable a more thorough cleaning. Clean all elements, including the cap assembly, water dispenser, and line, then gently rinse using warm water. At PB Water Purification, we recommend using mild or non-abrasive cleaners when cleaning your system to avoid damaging its components and compromising water quality.

2. Changing Filter Cartilages

Over time, your system’s filter cartridge may become clogged with trapped impurities like heavy metals and sediments. This prevents the cartridge from effectively removing water contaminants, reducing your filtration efficiency. Through our regular water systems servicing, we can identify and address issues to maintain your system’s optimal performance.

3. Looking Out for Drips and Leaks

Keeping an eye out for leaks can help detect underlying issues in your whole house’s water filtration system. Leaks might indicate damaged components, loose connections, or system malfunction. Scrutinize your filter system to determine the root cause of leaks and fix it promptly to prevent extensive damage. At PB Water Purification, our experts can inspect your system to identify the leak’s location, severity, and nature. With our years of experience handling different types of water systems, we’ll offer professional assistance to fix the issue. 

4. Monitor Water Quality

Checking your water quality allows you to verify that your filtration system is functioning optimally to remove all contaminants. Ineffective filtration can signify issues such as clogged filters, system malfunction, and improper installation. Addressing these issues promptly allows you to enjoy consistent, clean water, safeguarding your family’s health.

At PB Water Purification, we offer free water testing and analysis to recommend the most suitable water treatment solution for your home. During testing, our water treatment professionals focus on taste, odor, and any impurities present after filtration to detect potential issues and address them accordingly.

Maintain Your Whole House Water Filtration System 

Regular maintenance of your whole house water filtration system enhances filtration efficiency, maintaining your water quality. Maintenance maximizes filter performance by preventing clogs, bypasses, and leaks to keep your water clean and healthier. At Palm Beach Water Purification, we offer effective water treatment solutions to address your water quality concerns. We also help you improve the lifespan of your water filtration system through regular maintenance. Contact us for all your water treatment needs and with any questions.