Over 250 Harmful Chemicals in Your Drinking Water

There may be more than 250 different harmful chemicals in your drinking water. Here are just a handful of chemicals with their possible sources and potential health problems.


Possible source – Home, well and city water pipes. The older the pipes the bigger the problem

Potential Problems – Mental development in children


Possible Source – Over chlorination by water utility to kill off other harmful contaminates

Potential Problems – Cancer


Possible Source – Field, yard, garden runoff

Potential Problems – Chronic health issues


Possible Source – Feces and sewage

Potential Problems – Diarrhea, dysentery, viruses


Possible Source – Leaching home pipes

Potential Problems – Bitter taste, stomach illness, stains

Iron Bacteria

Possible Source – Naturally occurring

Potential Problems – Rotten smell, clogged plumbing

High Alkalinity

Possible Source – Naturally occurring

Potential Problems – Dry skin, alkali taste


Possible Source – Ag runoff, septic leakage

Potential Problems – Blood disorders

Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur)

Possible Source – Sulfur bacteria

Potential Problems – Rotten smell and taste, nausea.

Have your water tested and then use the results when figuring out what water treatment solution will be best for you. The best medicine is always preventative medicine.